Founded in 2009, IRG has earned the respect of its clients as the leading surveillance firm in the Tri-State region.

President and Founder, Sean Grant, has more than 23 years of experience in surveillance and investigative services primarily in the insurance claims sector.  Before starting IRG, Sean served as the Director of Operations for Willis North America Risk Mitigation Division.  Sean understands how valuable skilled surveillance and investigative services can be to an employer faced with fraudulent claims.  To ensure the highest level of service to his clients, Sean is involved in all details of every case, from the moment a case is opened to the moment that case is closed.  He also performs surveillance personally, as well with his team of investigators.  These are just a few examples of how IRG is able to consistently provide valuable results to its clients, setting IRG apart from the national surveillance firms. IRG has no desire to be the largest investigative firm rather we strive to be the absolute best in our region.

IRG attracts and retains the highest caliber of investigative professionals and employs an exceptionally diverse team with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and experience. Our private investigators are true career professionals and IRG is committed to helping each one achieve success as a leader in the industry.  IRG’s continued success is the result of the commitment and productivity of its investigative team, along with its unwavering commitment to its founding principles of integrity, ethics and the consistent provision of quality investigation services to its clients.